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Free Freight Search members can now order free
fuel cards for themselves and their fleets!

Now you can enjoy benefits by having your company’s own fuel card, accepted at more than 14,000 locations across North America with the FREE FREIGHT SEARCH FUEL CARD (FFS Fuel Card). As a registered member of FreeFreightSearch.com, the world’s largest free load board, you will also enjoy a new level of convenience, control, and recordkeeping in tracking your company’s fuel expenses – at no cost.

Fuel Discount Card

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FreeFreightSearch members can retain complete control of purchase limits, funds transfers, ATM cash access, non-fuel usage, and other expenses on their FFS Fuel Card. Drivers can travel with peace of mind knowing that their fuel card is there for them at truckstops and terminals throughout the country for fuel, repairs, and cash.

Here’s how your FFS Fuel Card can benefit you and your drivers:

  • Cash Advances / ATM Access and Withdrawal
  • Mobile app for ease of use in monitoring fuel usage
  • Best-in-class purchase and financial controls
  • Best-in-class 24/7 customer service
  • Consolidated transactions on a single card
  • Superior fraud prevention tools
  • Fuel usage reconciliation tools
  • Customized reporting to let you track expenses
  • Real-time online account reconciliation
  • 24/7 Online and mobile account management

Enjoy extraordinary convenience while maintaining full control and security over your fuel, cash, and non-fuel purchases. You can easily set purchase limits in real time at the individual card level through the robust, secure online website. With your FREE FFS Fuel Card, you can better manage and control fuel purchases and cash advances – and position yourself for growth. Better cash management can bring better profit margins for your business this year.

Work smarter and with the convenience of a single fuel card solution: the FFS Fuel Card.

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